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Offering Handwheels and Customizable Features!


November 2006—Jergens, Inc., one of the world’s largest manufacturers of standard tooling components, is a one-stop source for handwheels to suit a wide variety of applications—from replacement parts to original equipment. Jergens offers several models that vary in material type, specifications, and features.


Jergens’ offers either solid or spoke-style handwheels in a variety of diameters—from 1-inch-diameter finger wheels to 23-inch-diameter handwheels. Wheels may feature a stationary, revolving, or foldaway handle for safety and ease of use. Available materials include aluminum, cast iron, and plastics.



Jergens will also modify these wheels per customers’ requirements. Examples of modifications include arbor holes, keyways, set screw holes, polishing, anodizing, special platings or paints, and reduced hubs. Jergens is able to fill almost any special request.



For added convenience, Jergens provides 3D models from the Web or the Fixture Pro Plus CD for several handwheel models. Price and availability are easily referenced on the Jergens Web site. Custom or modified handwheel pricing is available via special quotation.



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